The company was founded in 2009 and it is the direct continuation of the historic Ipca S.p.A, pioneer in the production of synthetic leather in the last 50 years.

The production’s philosophy is strongly characterized by the pursuit of quality and by the latest technologies with a low environmental impact. The ability to add value to our product with colors, finishes and cutting edge applications is combined with a constant commitment in the research by our engineers and it is supported with great potential of the plant in Altopascio.

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A production philosophy based on the recycle and reuse of a second material

The location is certainly facilitated by the proximity of many Tuscan tanneries, in order to exploit their production waste, and by the proximity of paper mills, with similar technologies.

This pre-consumer recycling of leather waste materials is an alternative destination to the dump and so it can be considered in line with the re-use philosophy.

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In this field we have different items, depending on strength and consistency required. In case of raw and unpolished material it will be used in the production of the inside insole usually in conjunction with a cardboard Silicone heel. Instead in case of a well refined material it will be used as outdoor insole in particular for sandals.


The quality of our belts is appreciated, both as a lining and as the front. The wide range of thicknesses and finishes offers solutions for the manufacturing of all kinds of belt, including the unlined ones punched in one piece. The thicknesses range is from 0.7 mm and 3.0 mm, in the case of American-style belts. The same qualities are also used for the production of small leather goods.


Classic articles for reinforcement, in thicknesses ranging from 0.25 and 1.0 mm. Clients often require a thin grinding process of one or both sides of the material, which in most of the cases is sold as a roll. These are widely used and universal articles, they are used in particular for bags or small leather goods that need reinforcement between the lining and the outer skin. They may therefore find a use as reinforcement in belts or straps for watches.


Our materials and products has gained success in the manufacturing and finishing of chairs, tables, beds and wardrobes. Over the years the quality has evolved offering smooth articles very similar to real leather, very soft articles to facilitate any kind of manifactures and a wide range of colors to suit every need.


We have a wide range of items for this kind of products, we start the production with a raw material that looks very natural and represents the most ecological line. We have more classic items with aged and lightened effect finishes. We also have a lot of modern and fashionable items and finishes.